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Currently grown in all European countries, although its main source of production is Andalusia, particularly the province of Huelva. This fruit withstand low winter temperatures and high summer heat, but it does not support the excessive cold or frost.

Our raspberries are big, firm, red, smooth and have a great flavour, with an excellent balance of sweetness and acidity.

Their great nutritional value is due to their content of Vitamin C, minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium, and other nutrients such as folate, Citric Acid and flavonoids. It is a fruit with many health benefits.

Our Varieties

Glen Lyon, a mid-season raspberry, red and very attractive. The berries are bright orange, round, with a slightly conical, firm and great taste.

Tulameen, raspberry of outstanding quality, bright and attractive. They have a conical shape that distinguishes them, excellent flavour. Very resistant to transport and storage.

Himbo Top, a slightly bigger size raspberry, firm, conical in shape, good flavour, with small but well-structured grains.

Amira is an early harvest variety of raspberries with better post harvest period, whith a good shelf life.

Sugana, is a mid-season raspberry, red and attractive. The berries are bright orange, round, firm with excellent flavor.