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The extraordinary development of strawberry production in our region is a direct result of natural conditions. In particular soil conditions, climate and quality water availability, which results in a major expansion of this delicious fruit.

Currently, Huelva produces more than 65% of European production of strawberries, with a proven high quality and above all, on dates which do not have much competition in the market. More than 60% of our production is focused in exportation.

The strawberry is a delicious red fruit of attractive look, of bright glossy colour and intense, deep flavour, sweet and fresh. It is considered an excellent natural food product because of its high concentration of vitamins and nutrients.

Vitamin C and E, potassium, magnesium, calcium, folate, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Oxalic Acid and Antioxidants are some of the nutrients that strawberries provide us. Its health benefits are many. They promote bone growth, the development of tissues and nervous system in children; they help the intestinal transit and the elimination of liquids. They help to decrease hypertension and renal failure. Strawberries strengthen the immune system, promoting antibody formation, among many other benefits.

PERLAHUELVA grows several varieties of strawberry, however has specialized in Candonga. This is a unique strawberry. Grown under the bright Andalusian sun. It is a fruit of exceptional quality, has a great scent and a delightful sweet taste.

Our Varieties

Candonga Sabrosa, strawberry of Spanish origin, very sweet, great flavour and aroma, very good-looking, attractive, and very resistant transport.

Camarosa, very firm strawberry, long, pointed, bright red, unifor, with hight acidity.

Primoris, a bright red strawberry, atractive, sharp, symmetrical and large, has excellent taste and outstanding aroma.